Cost of Lumineers

Lumineers are commonly known as the safest and painless porcelain veneers. They offer different solutions for hygiene-related, dental problems and aesthetic.


average cost of lumineersAverage cost of lumineers

Most patients prefer lumineers to the typical veneers, since there average cost is relatively low. The cost of lumineers is relatively high since they are custom made to fit every individual tooth to make it appear as natural as possible. Usually, they cost around $1000 per tooth.

Finding a genuine lumineer dentist is not a hard task. The patient only needs to look at the dentist credentials and make a few visits to their offices. Since most dentists place before and after photos of their patients, one should also have a look at them. The dentist should posses great skills, diagnostic ability and experience in the field. The average cost of lumineers is not necessary high compared to that of the typical veneer.


Cost of lumineers per tooth

The cost of lumineers per tooth ranges from $700 to $1500 depending on the dentist. Lumineers are normally placed above the teeth surface making them painless. Lumineer is used to rectify cracked teeth, stained teeth and deformed teeth. However they require some drilling to be done on the tooth before installation. They do not affect the original tooth.

The cost of lumineers is highly dependent on the insurance cover, the number of teeth and the type of lumineers to be installed. This amount may go down or up depending on the type of dental veneer used.

cost of lumineers per tooth

How to get insurance to pay for Lumineers?


Lumineers reviews

Different lumineers reviews have outlined the process involved in lumineers installation. The installation process can take as low as two visits to the dentist. The only requirement is the mold of the patient’s tooth, which is taken during the first visit. The lumineer is then made and the patient gets the installation on the next visit.

cost of lumineersCompared to typical veneers they are thin and do not require any prep at all. They are highly effective in whitening teeth and do not cause any adverse effects on the teeth like other teeth whitening products. The cost of lumineers is directly proportional to the quality of the work as genuine lumineers lasts for over twenty years. They also come with a five years warranty to all patients.

The cost of lumineers is relatively lower than that of typical veneer since little work is done on the original tooth. They are also easily revisable and are perfect for most teeth deformities. If a patient is not satisfied with the results, the dentists normally make redo for free.